How can i get the Application FORMS ?

There are 2 ways to pick a form.

  1. Visit our school and pick a form
  2. Send us an email to request for an application form.


The application form cost 50 GH¢

How much is the fees for 6 Months Certificate Course ?

6 Months Certificate course is 4000 GH¢ but with our current tuition fee discount you will pay 2,000 GH¢ only.

First payment is 50% (1,000 GH¢ ) during registration, then a monthly  installment payment of 500 Gh¢. (Student can decide to pay in full).

How much is the fees for 1 year Advanced Diploma Course ?

1 Year Advanced Diploma course is 8000 GH¢ but with our current tuition fee discount you will pay 4,000 GH¢ only.

First payment is 25% (1,000 GH¢ ) during registration, then a monthly installment payment of 500 GH¢. ( Student can decide to pay in full).

Is there an age limit for applicants?

Yes, Applicants should be aged between 15 to 45 years.

Is there any basic experience or qualification required before one can apply ?

No, You only need to have the passion for fashion…  You must love what you do.

Do you offer Accommodation ?

Yes, we offer accommodation for distance students or international students.

What is the cost of the school Accommodation ?

It depends, But prices ranges from 150 – 200 GH¢ (30 – 36 USD ) per month.

It comes with student bed, kitchen and other basic amenities.

We have accommodation on-campus and off-campus

Will i do more practicals ?

We basically groom you practically.  We believe practice makes perfect, so we ensure you have as many practical time as possible to equip you with all you need to know within that time-frame.

Who is Qualified for YFA Scholarships and Grants

Everyone is qualified but applicants must be between the age of 15-45

What's my best chance of winning a Grant?

It depends on the verifiable proposal you share with us. Your essay must have a detailed information about what you can use the grant money to do.

Details should include how the grant will create a change in your life and how someone could benefit from that in the nearest future.

State the minimum and maximum amount that could create the positive impact in your project.

Your project must be convincing and verifiable.

What are the types of projects that can win me a grant?

Any small scale business with foreseeable short or long time growth.

Think of a business you could do with an amount from 2,000 – 10,000 GH¢

Let’s hear your proposal ..!

What's my best chance of winning a Scholarship ?

It  basically depends on good grades and a well defined essay stating why we should offer you a scholarship.

Is it a fully funded Scholarship ?

No it’s not fully funded, We undertake a one-time payment of school/tuition or admission fees.

But we hope to start fully funded scholarships soon.

How do i know if i have won a Scholarship or Grant ?

If you’re shortlisted among the winners.  We will contact you through your provided Email or call you on phone.

Will I be able to know everything about sewing in six months?

You will be amazed what you will do within 6 months. Our programme is structured with overwhelming syllabus that will transform your fashion sense within that time frame.

Just try and see..!

Where will i do my attachment ?

Your attachment can be done in or outside the school.

Can I register when lessons have already started ?

Yes, But you will be drafted to the next academic stream.

Where is the location of the School ?

We are located at Baatsona, behind Kormens Hotel Spintex Road, Accra Ghana.

You can call for directions when coming …

Tel: +233 541-077-906 / +233 302-957-300

Or whatsApp us : +44 787-131-9155



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