Curriculum for Fashion Designing

Our courses are designed in such a way that it provides skill development required to be a successful fashion designer along with entrepreneurial skills to enable graduated students set up their own venture or work in a reputable fashion firm.  The new generation demands a new breed of designers. A designer with unique fashion taste that understands the trending fashion styles, a desire and zeal to design something classic and extraordinary. That is our uttermost priority, to teach and equip you with everything about fashion.

Our courses

Our courses are broken into 3 segments.

  • LEVEL 1,  which is a certificate program that last for 6 months.
  • LEVEL 2,  which is a full Advanced diploma program that last for 1 year.
  • Weekend Classes

All Courses are formulated with Sophisticating training programs that will prepare you as a professional within the given time-frame. Each segment includes industrial attachment.

Explore Our Programs

6 Months Certificate Course (Not Available Now)

Design development

  • Basic Design and Creativity
  •  Introduction to Elements and Principles of Design
  •  Making Research board, Mood boards and Color boards
  •  Style

Cutting and Sewing

  • Introduction to cutting tools home based and industrial
    Pressing and Cutting of Trouser design with facings, fly, pocket and finishes.
    (Women or Men)

Sketching for Garments

  • Illustration for different Fashion Styles

Pattern Making

  • Basic Body Patterns
  • Different Pattern for Different Age Group
  •  Technical terms in tailoring

Garment Construction

  • Introduction of Sewing Machine
  •  Practice and Control of Sewing Machine

Computer Aided Design

  • Pattern Making

There are other unlisted courses and Techniques you will be taught on this segment…  

1 Year Advanced Diploma Course

Design development

  • An introduction to the fashion design course
  • Basic Design and Creativity
  • Introduction to Elements and Principles of Design
  • Making Research board, Mood boards and Color boards
  • Style

History of fashion design

  • Garments in ancient society
  • Why change fashion

Types of fashion design

  • women’s fashion
  • men’s fashion
  • children’s fashion

Understanding the fashion cycle

  • The introduction
  • Fashion cycle important in trends

Fashion Management

  • Fashion Forecasting
  • Introduction of Merchandising

Tools and equipment
Identification and uses of tools and equipment.
Care, Storage and maintenance of tools and equipment
Equipment for pattern making

  • Equipment for cutting
  • Sewing machines
  • Ironing

Textile Science

  • Raw materials
  • Textile materials
  • Finishing

Garment Construction

  • Introduction of Sewing Machine
  • Practice and Control of Sewing Machine
  • construction of the basic block patterns

Pattern making

  • Drafting pattern for customer
  • Block and pattern drafting
  • Gent’s / Ladies shirt, Trousers’, Suits and jackets

Stitching methods and application

  • Tailored clients
  • Quality assurance

CAD System

  • Graphic system
  • Pattern making

Fashion drawing

  • Figure drawing (human proportions, movement and postures)

Sketching for garments

  • Basic sketch
  • Body sketch

Surface Ornamentation

  • Basic embroidery Stitches
  • Decorative Stitches
  • Traditional handwork of different African wears
  • Different method of fabric Painting, Tie & Dye


  • The art of millinery
  • Crown making and fascinators
  • Berrets and top hats
  • Mastering & Millinery Block Making


There are other unlisted courses and Techniques you will be taught on this segment…  

Weekend Classes


  • We offer weekend classes for Certificate and advanced diploma courses.
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