Fashion Design

Tutors provide constructive feedback on your work, based on their own experience in the industry. Our courses have been carefully designed to provide an up-to-date and practical educational experience to ensure that you are primed to succeed upon graduation.

World Contemporary

Our supportive tutors will nurture your individual talents to help you achieve success. You will receive constructive feedback on your assignments as you progress through the course which is essential to developing your fashion design skills.

Pattern Drafting

All our tutors are fashion design professionals working in the industry. We will prepare you to be inspired, to develop your unique design style and develop the skills and confidence for an international career. Our market-driven approach provides a practical, creative education tailored to the entrepreneurial global fashion and design industries.


At Yorkcity Fashion Academy, you’ll find the freedom to cultivate your own fashion philosophy within a conducive and comfortable classroom and environment. You’ll tackle issues for real-world projects, network with industry professionals and be taught by people who live and breathe design in one of the great creative fashion world.

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