About Us

Yorkcity Fashion Academy is a fashion school that offers students around the world a vast range of unique and tailored fashion courses.
Our approach provides students the modern fashion heritage that can be felt as you begin your studies in our school. Our course offerings were created based on real industry demand to help prepare students for life after their education.

Fashion can change lives. Through teaching, specialist research, and collaborative work, we empower our students to think differently, using fashion to examine the past, build a sustainable future, and improve the way we live.

Our strategic commercial partnerships support local and global enterprise. Students benefit from our connections with industry and so does industry.
In design, we teach a combination of heritage, unique and stylish thinking. Craftsmanship with new trending designs. We teach innovative ideas first – and then innovative practice to bring them to life.

We have great modern fashion equipment’s that will turn you into a professional fashion stylist within few months.

We at YorkCity Fashion Academy are proud of our experienced and reputed faculty who aid us in delivering quality education with global standards. Our faculty members are not only confined to national boundaries but we also have international experts in the field of Fashion, Design, Merchandising and Production.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer a range of industry focused fashion design courses that will give our students the practical skills to pursue their goals. We want to develop professional, unique, creative stylists with classic taste in fashion.

We believe that anyone who has a desire to learn to become a fashion designer can have success in this field and we provide you with a solid foundation to get started in the industry.

Scholarship and Grants

Student scholarship and funding.

Enjoy our Matchless Discount

Best Tuition Fee Discount.

Tools and Equipment

Modern fashion tools and equipment.

Certifications and Careers Opportunities

The faculty members at Yorkcity Fashion Academy are professionals with extensive education and experience not only in garment construction, pattern drafting and fitting but also in the education field.

They are all currently active in the fashion industry and therefore are able to provide current and relevant career training.

Our faculty is dedicated to quality education and to the preparation and mentoring of our students for their chosen careers. We provide a positive and supportive atmosphere for our students.

Comprehensive courses emphasize fundamentals in theory and practical experience, offering personal hands-on instruction in fully equipped classrooms. The Academy of Fashion Design has been built on a foundation of“EXCELLENCE IN TRAINING AND DEDICATION TO THE STUDENTS.”

Fashion Designer, Custom Fashion Designer, Costume Designer, Patternmaker, Freelance Illustrator, Visual Merchandiser, Alertationist, Boutique Owner, Retail Manager, Entrepreneur in various areas of Fashion Design, styling and wardrobe planning.

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