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Located in Baatsona behind Kormens Hotel, Spintex Road, Accra Ghana. Yorkcity Fashion Academy is an incredible fashion school and focuses solely on teaching students professionally on garment construction, Pattern Making, Textiles, Illustration, Design Principles, Millinery,  Business Skills for the Fashion Industry and Lots more.

We are very proud of our school environment where each and every one of our students receives individual attention.

We are designated to accept students Nationwide and also welcome international students with warms hearts. The school as well as all of its programs are approved and regulated by the Government of Ghana.  

The application process is the first important step into your future at YFA. We value each individual’s commitment and we will carefully assist and evaluate each application received on an equal basis. Our admissions consultants are available to guide you through each step of the application process as well as answer all your questions, because we understand the importance of choosing the right education as a foundation for a bright future.

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How to Apply

Step 1: Fill the Student Application form (Please visit our school in person to obtain the forms or contact us to request for the form)

Step 2: Provide the following supporting documents:

  • 2 passport-size photographs with white background
  • Your National or  Voters ID
  • For International Students, provide photocopy of your original passport  (Please photocopy the page showing your personal data)
  • Copies of your educational certificates (Minimum of WASSCE)
  • Payment of Admission / School  fees                                                                                                       

Documents in foreign languages MUST be translated into English language and legally certified.

Tuition / Admission Fees

6 Months Certificate Course (Not Available Now)

/6 Months
  • Fee:                       GH¢  4,000
  • Payment Plan:  The fee is paid in full during registration

1 Year Advanced Diploma Course

/1 Year
  • Fee:                    GH¢  8,000
  • Payment Plan:  First payment is 50% (4,000 GH¢ ) during registration, then installment payment of 500 GH¢ every  month. ( Student can decide to pay in full)

Advanced Diploma Weekend Course

/Weekend Course 1 Year
  • Fee:                    GH¢  4,000
  • Payment Plan:  First payment is 50% (2,000 GH¢ ) during registration, then installment payment of 500 GH¢ every  month. ( Student can decide to pay in full)



Students are required to make their payments in school or use the payment options below.

Direct Deposit

/For students residing in Ghana.
  • Bank Name:                         Fidelity Bank
  •  Account Name:   Yorkcity Fashion Academy Limited
  • Account Number:              1050051809215
  • Bank Branch:                       Spintex Accra

After payment Submit your deposit receipt at the school

Bank Transfer (Foreign Students)

/International students making payments outside Ghana
  • Bank Name:                         Fidelity Bank
  •   Account Name:  Yorkcity Fashion Academy Limited
  • Account Number:            1050051809215
  • Bank Branch:                       Spintex Accra
  • Swift Code:                            FBLIGHAC

After payment Scan the copy of your payment receipt and submit it to our email address ( info@yorkcityfashionacademy )

Admission Terms

Admission Terms

Refund Policies

The admissions office will only accept and process a fully completed application package. The application form must be filled out accordingly.

Tuition and admissions fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. however we have a breakdown of some certain conditions that might yield some consideration.

Withdrawal or Cancellation Policy

At Yorkcity Fashion Academy, we understand that circumstances beyond the control of students may lead to withdrawal or cancellation of admission. In such circumstances, the following may apply to affected student:

Medical Grounds

In a circumstance where due to a genuine reason (well communicated to management with evidence) a student is unable to continue a particular session due to ill-health, he/she will be afforded the opportunity to:

  • Should ill-health last for one week, student shall be offered opportunity to re-integrate in his/her class.
  • Absence due to ailment beyond the third week will guarantee a 0% refund of original paid fee as admissions would have been completed.  If a student wish to continue, they shall be considered a fresh student but will benefit from a 60% discount of total tuition fee.

Gross Misconduct

In circumstance where a student’s behavior or conduct is not in accordance to the rules and regulations at Yorkcity Fashion Academy, management may in extreme circumstances require such a student to withdraw from the course. In this circumstance, there will be 0% refund to the student.

Absenteeism and Tardiness

It is the policy of  Yorkcity Fashion Academy that once a student signs up for a particular course, all other unforeseen events/activities have been taken into consideration. Hence absence from class is not an option. A student who absents himself/herself for up to 5 days is red-flagged and assumed to have quit the course. In all such cases, management will withdraw the student from the course with 0% refund.



Graduation Requirement

Each student will be required to fulfill the following in order to guarantee a successful graduation:

  • Complete the entire course which consists of 1 year intensive training.
  • Participate in a graduate internship program
  • Complete all project works and submit them on time.


Students will be required to budget Gh¢  1,500 – Gh¢  2,000 towards their graduation. (This fee is subject to change)


Graduation is compulsory for all students. Students shall be informed in advance to prepare for the payment of their fees. This fee is not refundable once paid.

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